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Pregnenolone on skin: posts on Pherotalk

Michael: Preg and DHEA act as good feedstock in an organics lab, and likely on your skin, too.

Tacitus: I got a nice potency boost by adding in a reasonable amount of Pregnenolone (micronized powder)... well, was it a reasonable amount ? One miiligram is 1000 mu so maybe I was getting 250 mu per application over a couple of days... the mix was on the complex side, primarily beta-Androstenol, some TAL, some more TAA, and Androstadienone.... and the preg... people reacted crisply, rapidly, like a brain switch went click and they warped into very social behavior. Beautiful girl had dinner with me, blowing off a much younger guy who thought he had hooked her for the evening.... left him standing there with his mouth hanging open.... a couple of dykes started acting very dykey-turfy giving a younger guy a hard time about his behavior (ok with me, he was a mindless jerk that didn't get that he was a mindless jerk... albeit a nice pleasant badly socialized jerk)... was it the -Androstadienone plus the TAL that hit the dyke power button ? Older gal spontaneously asks me to go to lunch with her, never met her before, didn't know her name.... she wasn't as intertesting as I had hoped, oh well....

The following is not on skin, but effect after ingestion

Pheroquirk: pregnenolone got me into 'pheromones in the first place. i had such a shocking improvement in success with women after supplementing 25mg pregnenolone daily orally (non ceteris paribus, but still) that i had to try to figure out was was going on! i mean i went in my peer group from having zero success to being remarkably successful overnight (context is that I have various endocrine quirks).

Tacitus: pregnenolone is an upstream pro-hormone, my guess would be that the dectable presence of preg signals a powerful biological organism that can throw off that much as excess production... other, similar organisms would read that as "metabolic cash to burn" .... or hot action, depending on your point of view.

Where pregnenolone fits into this is anyon'es guess... preg so far appears to be like MSG, the salty flavor enhancer that ups the taste response, although I think the tilt is sexual...

The following is not on skin, but effect after ingestion

Pheroquirk: Well, I do find that preg makes me feel in a better mood generally, more resilient to life's speed bumps and with some enhancement to cognitive functioning. Caveat is that I have some endocrine peculiarities and so my experience may not be representative. Preg I use is from (and for reasons unknown I find it much more effective than most other suppliers I have tried).

The following is not on skin, but effect after ingestion

Pheroquirk: BTW I personally observe quite noticeable effects from 10-20mg pregnenolone orally. The startling impact from supplementing preg is what triggered my search to learn more about pheromones. See "Smart Drugs and Nutrients" by Dean and Morgenthaler for more on Preg & DHEA.


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